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have already made a contribution museum to Peking

Le 14 March 2014, 07:01 dans Humeurs 0

The distance is red to keep everyone waiting for several days, saythe funds is turnovering.Afterwards in a little while, the bamboo is greenuse alias to run to seek her to want money, the distance red oath solemnly pledged ground told her at that time, Qianlong of the museum inside treasure knife, have already made a contribution museum to Peking, museum in Peking gives 60,000,000 dollars, October 15, 2013 can remit in the account.However, the distance is red to say again while facing another creditor, the treasure knife took collateral loan and lent 40,000,000 dollars.The parlance of difference between now and before aroused a bamboo green doubt.When bamboo was green the last time of to see a distance red, the old woman suddenly became a bit distressed, says:You stop worrying, I can not run at all.This difficulty doesn't calculate to me free run 3.0 v4 cheap Henceforth, the bamboo is green and then has never seen her any further.November 14, 2013 starts, distance red telephone dozen impassability, the son numb Wei also disappeared.On the evening of November 17, tingle Yi Nuo to suddenly move house, this lets everyone the dismay is more.Hence, more than ten creditors have to run to seek as the person greatly represent of the hemp is virtuous strong.Is numb virtuous strong to comfort them:You trust, I can not run, last night I return heel pair the county magistrate ate a chick to braise a mushroom together. For the sake of steady live the emotion of creditor, he still says already Find out an item through a government, can lend a style, let everyone wait again for several days.But these creditors that have already can't waited for, decide to report a case.After receiving to report a case, the western plentiful county police department is obtained evidence by survey, affirm red 1 of distance are suspected of raising capital to deceive.On December 9, hemp the Wei be arrested by the police.Police do a lot of works after, tingle Wei just gave an account that the distance redly hides a body location, the police with one action captures a distance later on red, be arrested together of still have the hemp Yi the Nuo and her former husband Chen Li Xiang, their 3 peoples was all red to in advance buy to hide inside the good house in the distance at that time.On December 13, all of distance a red five people bring to the court for prosecution.The details of case is big white.Let people in distress situationly still have, raise capital a red the distance of 100000000 dollars to unexpectedly also nike free run 3.0 v4 womens buy on credit to the little seller.For the past three years, the distance was red from purchase on account in the market pork, 70,000 dollars fruits of 110,000 dollars, still just western plentiful county an appliance company's place owed next 300,000 electric appliances money.In addition, November 28, 2013, before absconding around a week, the distance was red still from the market purchase on account 300 dollars egg.The distance is red to beat the curtain of museum to absorb Na everywhere of funds, but this flying to of money has become riddle regiment now.She seems to be from the first to plan like evade to investigate.July, last year , The distance red son tinglesed Wei to complain and went out to handle affairstired sufficient Qiang, my mama makes me carry 400,000 cash flowers.Someone asks a distance red answer for what doing not do bank card, distance being red, does card not silly, where spend money somebody else a check not to know?Is unique now can affirm of BE, 25 suites of distance red house produce to all use to raise capital 1 style to purchase, however these house properties was all transfered ownership or arrived a debt currently.The distance is red to also admit while trying at court, owe of money she is to still don't ascend.The big part victimizes the person returns to funds to feel gloomy towards wanting, they can send to hope to can change to return to some money at those cultural objects, butif hiding an article were really so worth money, nike free run 3.0 v5 womens cheap distance would be red need not ran road.Currently, these cultural object of overall authenticate a result haven't come out, however the western plentiful county convenes of for the fourth time victimize a person to meet will have already declared red Qianlong of distance the treasure knife as imitation article.Details of case's hasing medium to once see Jian treasure column eyes set and horse toward the Yang after exposing don't all beg a certificate at the beginning whether really once clapped a special subject slice for red distance and once authenticated a cultural object, but both all meant to don't hear red this person of process.Not brilliant bunco, want ~only lightly one Tong, the true facts will be big white.But be received a pair of people of eyes by the benefits, probably

second affiliated hospital went to hospital department

Le 14 March 2014, 07:00 dans Humeurs 0

Don't want to see true facts.Malaysia airline loses contact service the passenger has Dalian well-known painter, Liu Zhong Fu, in list.But, but what net boudoir spread is painter, Liu Zhong Fu, in Henan's photograph, 2 people the age is look like, to go together again, this gives Henan painter, Liu Zhong Fu,'s life result in influence.□The east reports chief now reporter, Zhao Dan, |text diagramthe friends and relatives continuously make a phone call to ask, worry.Yesterday morning, in Henan medical college the second affiliated hospital went to hospital department, the 75-year-old Liu Zhong Fu old man seemed to be very helpless, hospitalization had certain relation with this matter.Introduce according to its son, Liu Jiang, , Ma Hang loses contact service affairs after coming out, continuously have friends and relatives to beat to call words, nike free run 4.0 v2 womens the on the side asks about his old father, Liu Zhong Fu, .Liu Jiang feels suspicious very much, on understanding to just know, lose contact service up have Dalian painter, Liu Zhong Fu, , and own old father heavy is heavy surname, and is all painter, but boudoir in the website spreads of painter, Liu Zhong Fu, in Dalian, but the photograph is his/her own old father of, continuously arouse a misunderstanding.Not only such, parts of websites both of work also lump together arbitrarily.The felling isn't very good.Liu Jiang said that old old father clearly at he or she nearby, but without cause be embroiled into, let a friends and relatives load Sorrow.Yesterday, east the report search discover, really have the big headline that many websites rise Ma Hang, MH370 service passenger, Liu Zhong Fu, , now and used of but is painter, Liu Zhong Fu, in Henan's photograph.Liu Jiang said that through contact, Ya Chang art net has already corrected photograph, but hard put and so many websites contact up.The Liu Zhong Fu old man who resides Zheng Zhou in Henan now is Wu An Ren in Hebei, this year is 75 years old, once allowed artist association director in Hebei, Chinese democracy to promote Wei publicity department minister in meeting Henan etc..The Liu Zhong Fu old man said that knew to go together to lose contact at Ma Hang service up, oneself looks forward to hear the good news that everyone returns every day, hope to pass east now the report clarifies this matter, lets the friends and nike free 5.0 mens uk relatives trust himself/herself and hopes at the same time that the related website can correct photograph.18 Chinese passenger's family members arrive China government in Kuala Lumpur unite work set the senior clerk and Ministry of Foreign Affairs consul take charge of pair department chief Guo Shao Chun lose contact for Ma Hang's aerobus in Kuala Lumpur on the 12th the first time news conference that the affairs holds up mean, the most urgent task is still a search and rescue at present.Guo Shao Chun says that he says and has already had currently 18 Chinese passenger's family members to arrive Kuala Lumpur.China united a work set to talk with them for three hours, close quarter Qing Listen to their opinion and claims.Work set and China halt embassy horse to work well service for coming to the family members of horse.Ma Hang just loses contact for the MH370 serviceses to say in the 14th pronouncement that the affairs announces, each one loses contact service Chinese passenger's family, will arrange a special activity to constitute member and a common speech translation.Ma Hang will also provide to go through convenience, accommodation, and food...etc., all related expenseses are undertaken by Ma Hang.According to The Xinhua news agency 8 Chinese warship ship gathering like lose contact waters along with Chinese navy the Kun Lun mountain nike free run 3 womens sale warship arrive Thai gulf at 6:40 on the 12th and take part in Ma Hang to lose contact Chinese warship ship of airplane search and rescue to attain 8 and search scope to expand further.These Chinese warship ships include the Mian from navy sun warship, warship, seaport warship and Kun Lun mountain in well Kang-shan warship and come from a south china sea saving of the national related section 101 ships and sea Jing 3411 ships, seas cruise 31 ships and south china sea save 115 ships.China sea the search and rescue center decide from adjust from the 12th excellent turn to search and rescue a project, the appropriate extension searches scope, and come and go Chinese merchantman of Ma Liu Jia's straits of coordination, strengthen 瞭 to hope, help search and rescue.In May, 2013, Nanking the south stand neighborhood construction the spot, 3 six dynasty the ancient tomb is ruined.Yesterday, net friend@city

done a cultural object to investigate

Le 14 March 2014, 07:00 dans Humeurs 0

Record the square is green loosedelivered tiny Bo to say, be ruined the place of ancient tomb several hundred meters, and then discover six dynasty last home, hope that the related section gets involved.Inside the scope of several hundred meters, continue to appear the same last home of period to bury, and damage severity.Someone's question:Before starting construction here whether have ever done a cultural object to investigate to explore?The modern report a reporter quickly beard jade the plum pay Rui benefit to damage seriously yesterday noon, this was actually named a square green loose net friend to say, oneself passed by a big way of great luck a construction workplace,nike free run 2 mens had no intention of discovering six a dynasty last home.Later on, he delivers the spot picture to the tiny Bo up, and appeal that the text protects to wait section to get involved.Yesterday afternoon, the modern reported a reporter to arrive to the spot quickly.Rather the second brigade, Nanking City museum and river that culture in Nanking City is comprehensive and enforces the law a total brigade the cist expert of museum arrive at the spot and carry on reconnoitring, the first step affirms that this last home buries to six dynasty last homes.An expert introduces, the ancient tomb deformation is serious, leaves one noodles last home wall, no longer have cist value.However, is probably past and then be destroyed.A cist personnel tells a reporter, six dynasty time, fight to repeatedly deliver indiscriminately, steal treasures in tomb even is public.Some nobilities after burying, very quick be discovered by the enemy house, is dug by the thief of revenge.Last home lord BE who?Drive ruin the last home of six dynasty last homes lord how is identity?The last home wall that leaves on the scene, almost each time a piece of last home brick up all engrave a lotus line.The related expert said that six dynasties the Buddhism is prosperous, therefore the lotus line is popular and all have a lotus line on a lot of last homes bricks that is southern toward the last home.Many reach the officer is expensive clay-cold, engrave a lotus line on the last home room brick, the implied meaning always ascends the most happy, so, the lotus line brick is a kind of symbol of identity, the non- officer is namely rich.This last home is damaged leave one noodles last home wall, so can not calculate its accurate identity.The question starts construction and discovers that the last home buries cluster and also causes the citizen's question in nike roshe run sale a row on the scene at 2:00:Before starting construction whether hold to study of ancient relics to probe into?After discovering that the last home buries, does the construction square report to the cultural object section in time?Modern quickly report before reporter understand, , museum in Nanking City ever to great the part of construction point that expanded breadth engineering carrying a big way once carries on cist investigate explore, but this ancient tomb exactly inblind area, have no disheveled hair now.Because get close to a big way of lately- set up great luck on the scene, someone suggests, can ask a big way of great luck the engineering construction is square.Face to query, yesterday evening, the workplace constucts a square related personage to keep shouting Yuan, call the matter hair's position is at the engineering red line outside, and And it has been 78 months since they ceased work.Last night, the modern reported a reporter to understand quickly, currently, cultural object section already to construction unit the bottom deliver to cease work notification, today, will also carry on presenting a survey to the related personnel.Punishment result, will according to survey result to settle.This matter still in the middle of investigating further, but the related section didn't reveal a construction unit information.Israel sprouts of an exhibit for the very first time in the United States over the royal crown of 6000 history.This royal crown can trace back to into the Bronze Age in 4000-3300 B.C., is the mostnike air max 1 sale ancient royal crown of world.Israeli archeologist Ba Er · east in 1961 a secluded hole hole in Dead Sea nearby desert, discovered a more than 400 pieces precious cultural object, in addition to this royal crown, also include the angular animal, clay cup and bowl etc. that the two clay idols, adornment makes a card.The hole's hole consequently gets the treasure hides of cave.According to know, the dark money of the royal crown coping sprouting belongs to wreath top the decoration contain cinereous vulture and door, be thought is reached officer's magnate at that time of buried along with an article.This royal crown and moreover 150 cultural objects that together sprout currently just the university in New York ancient civilization institute for research exhibit.There is archeologist that calculate, these cultural objects belong to about 12

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